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Hello and thank you for stopping by!

I'm Zoey and I live in a small town near Bologna with my beloved Beagle, Scooby.
On the paper, I am in my thirties, but I will be forever eighteen in the spirit! I always loved to play with paper and colors, making cards and collage pieces of newspaper or magazine to my school books cover -- often called "the crazy one" because of that.
Growing up, things have not changed a bit, but at least now I can "hide" behind the word Crafter!

Devourer of Pinterest and obsessed (almost) with YouTube - when I am not creating I read books and I enjoy exploring the countryside with my dog.

If I had to explain why I chose this "hobby" , I would say "Crafting keeps me sane!" - Or at least that is what I like to believe, because after all, a part of me knows that I did not choose "this hobby" , it's always been inside of me ... but now has a technical terminology. LOL!

To create is my "vent valve" , it is my being free, it is my getting dirty without getting worry, it is a way to decorate a moment of my life as well as a place where I live to refuge.

For any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to email me!

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