Mini Album [ Tutorial ]

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Here you can find the video tutorial!
Here you can see photo of this Mini Album

- Cardstock and pattern paper
- Scissors, pencil, ruler
- Ink pads and blending tool
- Glue stick or adhesive
- Photos
- Buttons, ribbons and other embellishments
- Velcro or whatever you like to close your mini album

How to:

Cover: Cut a piece of cardstock 11'' x 2 3/4'' . Score and fold at 3'', 3 1/2, then line the cardstock down on the scoring tool and score again at 3'' and 3 1/2 '' . Fold again in half the last section. Decorate the cover as you like.

Pages: Cut a piece of pattern paper 11'' x 8.5 '' and score it at 3'', 6'' and 9'' on the long side. Cut down over the scored lines at 2 3/4'' this will get you 3 strips that will be our pages. (Do it again if you want more pages). Glue the pages together and start decorating all the pages. (TIP: Do not use too much embellishments or the mini album won't close good)
Once that you are done with decorating the pages, glue the pages at the cover and your mini is done!

Hope you like the result and you will give it a try! For any suggestions, questions etc etc don't forget to leave a comment HERE!

Till next time, xoxo!

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