Bobina di cartoncino [ Tutorial ]

11:09 PM

Here is the video tutorial 

Supplies List:
- Cardstock from our stash
- Scissors
- Ink and blending tool
- Glue / Glue gun
- Old book
- Ribbons, fibers etc.

How To:

Mark the width of your ribbon on a piece of cardstok, cut a strip. It does not really matter how long the strip is, just take in consideration that the longer the strip is less will be the space for your ribbon (SO if you have a long strip of ribbon don't cut a long strip of cardstok) . Glue the paper strip in order to create a small cylinder and let the glue dry. Meanwhile grab another piece of cardstock and cover it with any kind of paper. This is not necessary but it will give the spool a finished look.
Cut two circles, mark the center and punch hole, glue them to the cylinder and then place the ribbon around.

You can make it of any measure you want/need.
This is also a nice idea when you make a swap and you want to gift the ribbon in a different way.

Hope you will like it, for any comment, question, suggestion, don't forget to leave a comment HERE!

Till next time, xoxo!

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