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This year my mantra is "Go big or go home" so I decided to take part of Sketchalicious's challanges.
If you don't know what Sketchalicious is... you are forgiven because it is an Italian blog, but go and check it out, there are so many challanges there!
I set some goals this year and I am really willing to get them crossed off my new year's resolution list, one is to be more creative. Not that I haven't been last year, but, I didn't like the fact last year I had a lot of "do not want to create"'ll do nothing but get into these challanges/contest!

Today I want to show you my TAG that takes part of this challange.

As soon as I read what was it about, I reminded this story I wish you enough" , I always wanted to use it into a project...and here it is!

I wish you enough : Time (Clock stamp) & Freedom (Butterfly)

I hope you will like the result, as always for any comments, questions, suggestions etc etc please leave a comment HERE!

Till next time, xoxo! 

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