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Hello Crafters!
Here we are...5th June with a new challange @ Scrappando!
Here you will be able to check out what the dT girls made!

You have time till 30th June 11.55 pm CET to partecipate.
The winner will be our next guest designer, plus to ANYONE that take part of the challange there is a 5% off any purchase made in the shop.

This month theme is : NATURE! 
Make a Layout with a picture of a panoramic view or something that represent nature, like a trip.
Or maybe create any other kind of project (such as a card, tag, atc, minis etc) that contains flowers, leaves, butterflies or anything that pops in your mind whenever you think about nature!

I am so proud about my creation, it was a personal challange! lol
I always beed bad at coloring , don't laugh, I'm all serious here!! I never understood where the light was supposed to go or shades and everything else! So I grow up (LOL) with the coloring phobia! I always follow Eulalia and I am reeeally envy about her coloring skills lol...so I bugged her so much she had to say "Yes Zoey I will show you how I do it! (Obviously she was more kind lol I am just exaggerating haha she is really patient and sweet)
Anyway..one day I sat at my craft table and in silence I started coloring a stamp.
Nothing big or extraordinary... just a simple flower. And I know that my coloring is not perfect..that I should have added more shading and highlights..but im really happy about the come out...because it was a personal challange!
This is what challanges are made of...we ask you to take part of challanges so you can step outside your confort zone made of projects and technique you already master..and this challange helps you to do it!
Opsie daisy I wrote a lot! here is my card..really simple and definitely so not my "style". What do you think about it?)

I hope you will like the result, as always for any comments, questions, suggestions etc etc please leave a comment HERE !

Till next time, xoxo!

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