The Journey.

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Hello Crafters!
Today you will find me over the Faber Castell - Design Memory Craft blog and I will show you how I altered a 8x8 '' canvas. I used two of my favorite Gelatos - Metallic Mint e Gold Champagne!

Over the Faber Castell - Design Memory Craft blog you will find a small tutorial, the full supply list as well as other pictures!

The colors I chose are not random at all, it is the same color scheme that used it the first time I did a project with Gelatos (you can see here the canvas). I was still "a noob", I still did not know them, did not know how to use them, manage them, I did not know how to fade and their huge range of use.
I could do nothing at all, but something prompted me to throw myself into using them ... and it was the desire to be reborn and the desire to be refreshed. It was a starting point in so many ways.
It opened doors, gates and even a "healing" (albeit only figurative).

I'm not good at writing, you have certainly noticed it already. I can not write about how beautiful my life or how magical my family and my close friends are. I can not tell you how much I appreciate the chance that are thrown at me or that I feel extremely delighted when a company decides to focus on me and my work. Sometimes words seem thrown to the wind and words that on the Internet (or anywhere) can be misinterpreted....

So sometimes I'm silent. I write few things that go with the blog post itself. I am very shy and people who know me, would say anything but that of me. Shyness? Zoey? But what you're saying!

They do not know. They do not know the struggle that I have inside. They do not know that my hands tremble when I have to "press enter" or when I have to present projects.

But these "They" , do they need to know? No. Not necessarily. And then I let this canvas do the talk. Which like the first painting I did using the Gelatos, marks a rebirth.

And after all these words (i promise i won't do it again LOL) I invite you to head over Faber Castell-Design Memory Craft blog to check out the project I made

The Journey Awakens the Soul.
I hope you will like the result, as always for any comments, questions, suggestions etc etc please leave a comment HERE ! Stay happy, stay creative! Till next time, xoxo!

This post was brought to you by Faber Castell-Design Memory Craft, but opinions are all my own.

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