Creative Retreat 2015

7:08 PM

Hello Crafters!
Well well...where do I start from!? I have no Idea!!
My hands are shaking because what I am about to reveal to you is for me something really important!

Let's start with a little preamble...

Last year I was finally able to take part to the Creative Retreat that Laura every year organize...
I, of course drove there (I live 3.30 h by driving far from Bellagio ~ 184 miles) with the company of my 4 amazing friends : ElenaB , Kiara, Bb e Alessandra .

I exchanged few mails with Laura before attending to the event and she was so kind and sweet and the moment I saw her, she gave me one of the biggest hugs ever. It was like we always been friend, that we met before already. I looked in her eyes and saw all her pride and joy of life and all the emotions and love she put to organize this event....and I felt home!

We of course took photo together, although she had to lean over me because hey, let me tell you, she is such a gorgeous tall woman and I am just a shortie one! LOL

Here we are Laura and I ....

Copyright by Laura!
I also had the pleasure to meet Heidi Swapp e Rebecca P.Cross  . Other two amazing, talented and sweet women. With them too was like "friendship at first sight" (LOL)

Last year there was another italian artist teaching, Germana I didn't take any photo with her but she is the sweetest girl ever. So talented aswell!

......sooooooo!!! the preamble is over....what is next? Well...Chapter 1 is next!

I am so excited! But I will not be the only teacher...Cèline Navarro will be the other one! My jaw dropped when Laura revealed me her name, I couldn't believe that I was finally going to meet her!

I can't wait to tell you more about this event but for now "all you can do" is to go to and sign up for this great experience here in Italy!

Other teachers will be Stephanie Ackerman and Jeanne Oliver (this for the Creative "ART" Retreat) 

This is the official blog :
This is the official facebook page : CLICK LIKE!

I am so excited about this event that I wish it was already June! But, time to time, soon more reveals and sneak peeks! Make sure to keep following Laura's blog and remember that you can always mail her to ask informations , her mail is Laura(at)akissonthechic(dot)com

Till next time, xoxo!

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