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4:17 PM

Hello Crafters!
Today you will find me over ColourArte's blog where I will show you how I made my cover for my new sketch book!
To those who do not know, every year I make my self a sketchbook that I use to gather ideas, draw sketches, write down words or simply I use it as "mojo kick starter".
This sketchbook is made with scrap paper that are in different shape, size that I stash every year. Then when I gather enough pages, I staple or stitch them together!

Usually the cover is made with plain fabric or canvas...this year I decided to make it by my self!

Yes because I personally draw this face!!! Yep, yep, you can laugh at her funny chin! LOL!

If you want to know how I made this page and what products I have used, I suggest you to head over ColourArte's blog where you will find among other photos the list of ingredients I have used!

I hope you will like the result, as always for any comments, questions, suggestions etc etc please leave a comment HERE !

Stay happy, stay creative! Till next time, xoxo!

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