Sfondo Gesso Acrilico [Tutorial]

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Here is the video tutorial

Supplies List :

- "Cardstock Paper Kraft" by Recollection
- Watercolor cold press 25% cotton (90lbs) by Fabriano
- Acrylic Gesso and spatula
- Scissors
- Distress ink, Stamps and distress tool
- Glue stick (or any other kind of strong adhesive)
- Label
- Old book/paper
- Ribbons, buttons etc.
- Stencil

How to:

Once you decide what distress ink use, apply them on the craft sheet. Add water and let it sit for few seconds, when the inks start reacting, place over it the watercolor cardstock. Move the paper around so the colors can blend and mix together. Lift up the paper and dry it well. Repeat it again and again until you reach the desired result. Make sure that each time the paper is well dry in order to create gorgeous blends. When you are happy with your background, take the stencil and put it over the paper. Add acrylic gesso with a spatula. There are no rules here, you can apply the gesso wherever you wish. Usually I choose 3 spots and work my way out from there, apply different amount of gesso so you can add a bit more of texture. Dry it quickly with the Embossing tool ( ATTENTION: move the embosser quickly around or you will get bubbles!) or you could also let the gesso air dry (my preference). Embellish the card front adding your ribbons, button and sentiments.
The result will be amazing!

Have fun! Hope you will like it :) 

For any suggestions/questions please leave a comment HERE !

Till next time, XOXO!

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