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May has arrived. It is already May 2014 and I can't believe it!
Time passes really quickly ... As a simple blink of an eye, the clock is ticking ...
Time passes and things change, adapting it, they take their place ...

This month sketch at OUAS is really simple and cute.
And the sentence from which to take inspiration from is even simpler ...
"Anything Goes..."
I used shades of purple, golden, brown and a little black and I also decided to use a small square canvas to bring up the photos, square too.
I didn't use any patterned paper in this canvas, I've only used vellum and two punched tab that my friend Chiara gifted me.
As for my cluster I used a piece of medical gauze and a stencil that I had hand-cut long ago and then painted it black. I used some strip of washi tape as decoration ... Nothing else ...
I wanted to keep the Cluster really easy because I used a big paper rose (Thanks Limor!!) as decoration and did not want to further "burden" the canvas.
The title is written using my calligraphic pen and black INK! Liquitex - the rest is made with the Dymo.

"It is well with my soul" has a big meaning as you can read it on Wikipedia . My "vision" is another, is deeper for me and it is just the "second part" of my first canvas LO - I'll be ok .

Creativity helps you. It helps the heart to breath fresh air, it helps the mind to put order, it helps yourself to take a new form, or just to take the shape you had before the breakdown..
 Let yourself be embraced by your creativity because it's really healing.

One step at a time.

I hope you will like the result, as always for any comments, questions, suggestions etc etc please leave a comment HERE !


This LO has been featured on Once Upon A ... Sketch facebook page, check it out Here
This LO won the challange, read about it here!

Till next time, xoxo!

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