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Hello Crafters!
Today I will show you a layout I made for the Sketchabilities video design team.
It is a layout that it might sound kinda weird since the title is "Demons", and for those that do not know my story and that they don't know how I lived this past year it is surely tricky to get the real meaning. It is not about demons as real demons meaning!
The photo, that is a selfie, I have it hanging near by my workstation.
It is not because I am egocentric lol, it is just a reminder for myself to remind me where I am coming from and remind me where I do not want to go back to. It is a journey that I talked about here too ,  my actually first post talking about it and sometimes, even if we already are at the end of this 2014, my mind, my heart, my thoughts still run towards these moments, these sighs, these smiles.
Moments do not come back. It is something that they taught me a lot but that I never wanted to believe it.
I am somehow grateful for my hearts scars because they led me where I am now. And even if the tears still burn my cheeks, they meet a shy smile at some point.
Resignatio? No. I like to call it memories. We all live with memories at the end.

The song that inspired this layout is : "Demons - Imagine Dragons" .

Here's the video :

And here's some photo :

This is the sketch you have to follow :

Sponsor of the month:

Creative Embellishments:

I hope you will like the result, as always for any comments, questions, suggestions etc etc please leave a comment HERE !

Till next time, xoxo!

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