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Hello Crafters,

I want to show you my last Canvas with Gelatos, I made this canvas using the Sketch you can find at OUAS .

The inspirational quote for the journaling was :

An event that changed my life....
And I didn't have to think twice, I went straight to my gallery and printed out a photo of my friend Chiara and I. When I say this, noone believe me, but Chiara and I have been knowing eachother since less than a year and half!
Weird right? I know I know, sometimes this leave me speechless too...I can't believe that a friendship like ours, so deep and so sincere is built this level after "only" a year and half...
We are in perfect harmony and it takes just a look in her eyes to understand what she is thinking or feeling, and back.
I definitely can say that Chiara has been my anchor in these past months, maybe one of the few people that are able to "live" with my "primitive behaviour", as I joking call it.
You don't know me but sometimes I act by heart without even thinking what I am doing and say -- but hey I am an Aries, blame it on the Astrology! hahahaha!! Just kidddding!

I want to thank her with this Canvas. I want to thank her for everything and nothing...just for the fact she is here, everytime, without what if or oh wells.
And also...she is the reason of why all my projects are now on line...if it was for me they were going to be trashed after the first 10 minutes of work. She always encourage me, and I am so so Lucky to have a friend like her.

So yes, an event that changed my life was definitely the day I have met her!

Here are some pictures , I will soon post the step by step tutorial.
(Journaling is hidden where the 3 sequins are below the photo)

I hope you will like the result, as always for any comments, questions, suggestions etc etc please leave a comment HERE !

Till next time, xoxo!

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