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Hello Crafters!

Yes I know, I know...I still have to update my blog with some projects but.... today I have been struck by Cupid's Arrow...the artistic Cupid!

I looked at this beautiful project of Emma and I was struck!
I immediately saw in my mind what I wanted for my project ...

As every monday, over the Simon Monday Challange blog there is a brand new challange with a theme that you then have to elaborate, re-invent or simply be inspired by.
This monday's theme is : TICKET

The base of my project is the usual cardboard, the one used in packaging boxes.
I created two suitcases of different size and shape, I covered everything using the Wrap Tissue Paper Tim Holtz ...
Then I added modeling pastes using a stencil of TCW, I let it dry and then was an explosion of color....

I added so much color and so much water that at some point the board had doubled the volume. I then carefully dried around trying to take off with the paper the excess water. I heat set it a bit and then I left it air dry, in the meantime I created the cage.

Even the base of the cage was made from cardboard scraps covered by the same Wrap Tissue Paper from Tim Holtz. I added one by one the pieces of wire, it was a grind since I don't have the tools suitable to work with wire (tweezers etc etc) so I did everything with my fingers, and a couple of time I even hurt my self... LOL!

I was not looking for perfection, I knew that with my few availability of tools I wasn't going to get a perfect result with the cage ... but the whole project is a bit of "grung-ish", "wrecked-ish" and thus a cage a little crooked is fine!

I put aside the cage and then I started adding details on the two suitcases.
I glued one above the other by putting in the middle some "tickets". Some are from Stamperia (an Italian Brand) and some others are by Tim Holtz.
I also glued down a round tag from the Metal Philosophy Tags set that read "Journey" (again the theme for travel tickets).

After the suitcases were glued together I also glued down the cage. At first it seemed very empty and detached from the rest of the project, so I added another round tag that read "Wander".

The addition of flowers at the base of the cage was a suggestion of my friend Delia, and I'm really happy to have listened to her suggestion ... because the result is now complete!

And here's again the whole project!

With this project I enter this challange (and I encourage you to do so too!)

Simon Says Stamp Monday Challenge Blog

I hope you will like the result, as always for any comments, questions, suggestions etc etc please leave a comment HERE !

Stay happy, stay creative!

Till next time, xoxo!

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