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Hello Crafter!
Over the blog scrappando I will show you how to create an easy and quick TAG with just few steps!
I love making TAGs and I often add them everytime I can. It does not matter if it is for a gift , a swap or just as an embellishmet, TAG is what I am looking for when I want to create something and be free at the same time!

For this TAG I told to my self " Listen Zoey, grab the first few things that you can reach and make a TAG" -- to those who also follows me on YouTube , it is not hard to believe me when I say that on my desk you can find anything!! So it was a really fun challange!

Head over this blog to see how I made the TAG and to see the full list of material I have used!

I hope you will like the result, as always for any comments, questions, suggestions etc etc please leave a comment HERE !

Till next time, xoxo!

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